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Hanging with the Huntington Crew

What a super fun time we had this weekend with Scott and Dylan plus a bit of bonus time with Frank and Viv.  Thursday night was family din din with the SoCal crew and the Redwood City gang at PF Changs (our usual spot).

Then Friday Dylan’s weekend adventure began with Scott, DMan and I heading over to Coyote Point on a playground finding adventure.    We were on a mission to find the four playground on the map but ends up it was more like 3.5 but we used the half a playground as the perfect picnic spot. Playgrounds 1 and 3 were good starter spots with slides & swings at the first playground and a pirates ship at playground 3 but the real adventure starts when you finally arrive at Magic Mountain playground.   This playground has something for all ages with eleven slides and thirteen swings, plus spring riders, balance beams, and a 42-foot high castle atop a five-foot hill. The slide from the top of the castle is one of the longest enclosed slides in California.

Friday Funday continued with a poolside BBQ with the Land-McGowen clan.  Dylan, Brody and JT took over the BHH pool with full on rock jumping and rocket diving.  After BBQ time the boys fit in a little workout with Treadmill Races and Aunt Korey’s first weight training class.  Who knew the garage could be so much fun :).

AK the Trainer

Saturday it was on to Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk for rides, games and lots o treats.  First up was the Loggers Revenge getting us all nice and drenched but definitely refreshed.  Then Dylan and Scott went onto the Kids Roller Coaster and Cave Train Adventure.  We can’t wait until Dylan gets a little taller so we can all go on the Giant Dipper, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country.

Side Note:                                                            

For those wondering what the oldest operating wooden roller coaster is?  It’s Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania (30 mins from St. Francis). Riding this coaster is like stepping back in time. The refurbished cars are two rows deep, hold two passengers each and some of the most comfortable to be found anywhere. The coaster was built in 1902 by E. Joy Morris and featured a height of 48 feet, a drop of 9 feet and a top speed of 10 m.p.h. It was constructed at Lakemont to replace the Gravity Railroad that burned down in 1901. This coaster’s story is not about its stats, except for one- 1902.  The Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz was built in 1924 and The Dragon Coaster in Playland, Rye, NY was built in 1929.

Blue Cotton Candy Time

After the rides it was treat time.  Master D needed some blue cotton candy and we found a tri-color one (blue, pink and yellow).  While Aunts Korey and Patty ate what was probably the messiest chocolate dipped ice cream cones known to man.  Scott attempted to win Dylan and angry bird doll but it wasn’t in the cards for this fun filled Saturday.  Pooped and full we headed back to RWC (but not before Dylan could pick his aunties some flowers…that boy has the magic touch ;)).

The day was not over as sushi and night swimming were in our future.  Dylan used this weekend to disperse any concerns with his swimming abilities swimming end to end at THE HAI pool multiple times.

We had such a blast and it was so hard to say good-bye to Dylan and Scott, even our pooped out pups had fun.  We can’t wait until the next visit from the Huntington Crew!

Fun is Tiring

Fun is Tiring


See some pictures from the weekend below!




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