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Disappearing Act

Week 1 of front yard makeover is in the books.  It was largely a week of “out of here” with old fence, path and plants departing for the garden in the sky.

By the end of the week the building blocks for the new yard were also largely put in place with new fence posts, the beginnings of meandering paths and updated  irrigation zones all going into place.

The week ahead is going to be really exciting and when the new yard blooms a new life. Stay tuned!



May Flowers

As a young catholic school kid May was always extra special because it was the “Month of Mary”. That meant lots of rosary bead sessions, a procession, flowers and a few classes outdoors.

What always made it extra cool to me was that it was also my Aunt Mary’s birthday month. She of course claimed the hole “Month of Mary” thing was really an homage to her ;).

So in honor of my Aunt Mary’s month and birthday week, a bouquet of roses.

Pink Roses Meaning:  Grace, Joy

Photo Phases

Original Photo
Transformed into a Painting

Vintage Effect

The start of fall 🙂

Harvest Bounty

The Big Fig

The biggest fig I've ever seen from the Nanette Tulloch Memorial fig tree!

First Tomatoes

Cuke W00t

Springing Up at THE HAI

Hai Harvest

Hai Harvest, originally uploaded by tulloch.