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What’s Inside: Red Wine | Magazine

What’s Inside: Red Wine | Magazine.

Matt Bday and Family Fun Day

We had a great time last weekend celebrating Matt’s birthday and relaxing at THE Hai with a bbq and dining al fresco.  It was extra nice to have J’s parentes, Dave and Sherry, join us and gave us a good excuse to break out some of the good wine ;). Read more

Friday Faves

Friday Faves got a little delayed this week but it ends up being a good thing as we discovered a new fave yesterday.

Cameron Hughes Lot 266

Wines to Try: Costco is running amazing deals on Cameron Hughes wines.  Our particular fave was the Cameron Hughes Pinot Noir.  At $10.99 a bottle the Lot 266 Pinot Noir is a steal.  Subtle with hints of cherry, it can pair well with food or stand on its own two stems for casual drinking.


Cool Phone Lenses

Photo Find: LOVE LOVE LOVE my new phone lenses.  These tiny yet powerful lenses are so amazing.  There is a Telephoto lens (2x zoom super powers), Fisheye lense for cool effects and a combo Macro/Wide lens to give you as much or as little of a shot as you want.  They stick to your phone via a little magnetic ring.

Note: on an iPhone 4 you need to snip a little section off the ring so not to cover the flash.


Each lens is $20-$25 but Photojojo has a super deal where you can get all three for $49. Just put the little lenses on a laynard and you are ready to roll. Check out some samples below:


Wide Angle View

Fisheye Kai

Macro Baby

Friday Faves

Friday Faves are random things that we discovered, rediscovered or simply came out from under a rock and heard about recently.  They are random, sometimes obscure, could be entertaining and may only be of interest to us but we thought we would share with our favorite peeps. Read more

Georgia a Foodie, Music and Garden Heaven

Last month we had the pleasure to travel to Statham, Georgia which is 15 mins from Athens (well 15 mins from everything according to my cousins).

While we knew we would have an amazing time hanging out with MAS and Pat we didn’t realize how much the southeast had to offer. To say it was a foodie heaven is a bit of an understatement. Read more

A Day in Alexander Valley

Korey, Nan, Roger and I spent a wonderful Saturday in Alexander Valley this weekend. Roger, Korey and I had a blast wine tasting at Stryker, White Oak, Hanna and Alexander Valley Wineries. And well Nan had her own fun at River Rock.

Disclaimer…Nan was not actually photographed yesterday but if she was it would have looked like below when she hit one of her many “hot streaks”.

Super Fun Times!!

Bottling Our Own Wine @ Martin Ranch

Fun day at Martin Ranch Winery bottling our own wine a Martin Ranch Cabernet blend. It’s great having a nephew who is the cellar master there too