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Future Bali Hastings Hai Life Guard

Surfs Up
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Dylan had a blast playing in the new pool. He will be doing cannon balls and swimming laps in no time.

King of the Waterfall

"Where’s the swim up bar Aunt Patty?"
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Dylan and his God Mom having a blast under the waterfall.

The Huntington Beach Crew

"Gosh we are a good looking family!"
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Scott, Dylan and Juliette pay their first visit to THE HAI and lots of fun was had!

"Come On Daddy, Let’s do Cannon Balls"

"Come On Daddy, Let’s do Cannon Balls"
Originally uploaded by tulloch.

Dylan and Dad Scott hanging at THE HAI.

Bali Hastings Birthday

Aloha Party Pool People,

korey celebrated her first birthday at THE Hai this past weekend. Not a bad place to celebrate ;).

The McCormack Clan and RWC Buckhouts shared in a little pool time, (BBQ) Island grilling and present opening festivities.

The birthday celebration did continue on however to Monday when korey, her brother Michael, her childhood friend Tracy and I ventured up to the wine country for the big day. It was sunny, warm and an absolutely perfect day for wine tasting.

For the winos in the crew below are the wineries we ventured to. The first one on the list was extra special because Tracy knew the owners who took very good care of us. Not too mention it was one of our favorite wineries to begin with..awesome Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Now Serving at THE Hai: Everett Ridge 2004 Sauvignon Blanc


Oh and in other Bali Hastings Hai news our brand new sign arrived courtesy of our dear (and generous friends) Ashley and Jan. Check it out doesn’t it look awesome! So for those of you who have one too many Dog Island Ice Teas and fall asleep in The Lounge at least you’ll know where you are when you wake up ;).

Life Guard on Duty

So for those of you who may have noticed the little “Lounge Talk” box in the right hand column but don’t have a clue what it is, are afraid of it or just don’t know what to do with it I thought I should explain…

So just like any good resort or public pool has a life guard on duty to oversee the pool, answer questions from the swimmers and remind folks to wear sun tan lotion and not to dive so does THE Hai.

That little box on the right side column lets you chat live with whichever life guard is on duty. You can ask how the weather is at THE Hai, check on the pool temperature, get grilling or cocktail tips, find out what’s playing on the rock speaker or just say hi! It’s up to you; we just ask that you identify yourself by editting the Nick Name from “meeboguest ####” to whatever you want.

And remember just like any Life Guard can kick you out of the pool for bad behavior the Life Guards at THE Hai will do the same if you don’t behave on the chat.

So have fun and say hi next time you stop by the Virtual Bali Hastings Hai 🙂

Dog Island Ice Tea Recipe

Want to take a little of THE Hai home with you here is our first cocktail recipe installment:


  • One part gin
  • One part vodka
  • One part light rum
  • One part triple sec
  • 2 parts sweet and sour mix (3 parts if planning on indulging in multiple cocktails)
  • One part diet soda of your choice (THE Hai uses Diet Pepsi)
  • One part club soda
  • Top if off with a splash of Dark Rum and a slice of lemon

Note: A typical Long Island Ice Tea also uses Tequilla but some Hai Timers (e.g. MOI) can’t do Tequilla so we just omit it and it taste just fine ;).

Hai Times Opening Weekend

So THE Hai officially opened Labor Day weekend (after countless pre opening events) to much pool fare.

In an attempt to be good hostesses Korey and I spent most of the weekend feeding, entertaining, floating with, imbibing and providing towels to the guests. That left little (to really no time) for us to take pictures so we had to rely on friends.

Highlights of the Grand Opening Festivities:

  • Dog Island Ice Teas “The Blog #1 Pick” were enjoyed (maybe a little too enjoyed)
  • The 3 Year Old Synchronized Rock Jump Off Competition
  • The christening of the BBQ Island
  • Late night Beach Ball Volleyball Competition in the pool (I’m pretty sure Lucy the dog won)
  • Dori’s new romance with Dominic (The Rock)
  • The lighting of the Tiki Torches
  • And so much more

We really want to thank everyone who helped open THE HAI and most importantly we want to thank you for your love and support through this entire process.

We especially want to give a shout out to Tracy and her daughters Sklyar and Joslyn for being assistant hostess galore during the weekend festivities. Oh and of course to Zack’s Mini Me Cooper for making sure we were notified with a few barks each time a guest arrived. Thanks!

Remember our swimming hole is your swimming hole so please (seriously PLEASE) don’t wait for another big bash to bring your swim gear over just come on by!

Surfs Up!


More Opening Weekend Photos



What’s Your Hai Q

After months of reading the Bali Hastings Hai blog and following the excruciating details of the tropical makeover how much did you really learn? Fill out the quiz to find out. Aloha and good luck!

  1. How long did it take from first dig to first dip?
  2. 3 months and 4 days
    11 weeks and 1 day
    Two heat waves too long

  3. How much water did it take to fill the pool?
  4. 10,800 gallons
    75,300 gallons
    1800 gallons

  5. What was the first cocktail enjoyed in THE Lounge?
  6. Luau Lemon Drop
    Kahuna Kozmo
    Dog Island Ice Tea

  7. How long is the BBQ Island
  8. Just under 12 feet
    As long as Moomba and Zack combined
    Just over 9 feet

  9. How many tons of topsoil were brought in?
  10. 15 tons
    5 tons
    23 tons

  11. How many visits did Inspector Gadget make?
  12. 2

  13. How many pool noodles are in the Noodle Urn?
  14. 8

  15. Which plants tied for the highest vote with Blog fans?
  16. Bamboo and Palm tree
    Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus
    Pretty One and Smelly One

  17. Why was the BBQ Island delayed?
  18. The slow boat to China got lost
    Survivor 15 was still filming on BBQ Island
    There was a stainless steel shortage in China

  19. What type of rock is used for the coping and spa deck?
  20. California Gold
    Conneticut Blue
    Hard Rock