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Olympian in training

Olympian in training, originally uploaded by tulloch.

Needless to say Moomba could play this game for HOURS!


Ahhhhhhh!!!!, originally uploaded by tulloch.

A wonderful view from the Bali Hastings Hai lounge chairs! I think it’s time for another pedicure :)!

The Race is On!

The Race is On!, originally uploaded by tulloch.

Korey was determined to give Moomba a race for her treats in a dog paddle race. Notice how the canine though is in the lead ;)!

Where’s my Blow Dryer?

Where’s my Blow Dryer?, originally uploaded by tulloch.

It’s not easy being a swimming Aussie with all that fur to dry.

Landscaping Round 2

Landscaping Round 2, originally uploaded by tulloch.

After the worst frreeze in Northern California in the past 15 years lets start again with this tropical landscaping thang!

J Gets 1st Guest of the Season Honors

Annie and Jenean came over to be first guest of the 07 Season at Bali Hastings Hai!

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest, originally uploaded by tulloch.

THELounge is open!

THELounge is open!, originally uploaded by tulloch.

Current Water Temp 82

Current Water Temp 82, originally uploaded by tulloch.

Happy HAI Holidays

We have been remiss in up dating the blog but have been all consumed with battening down THE HAI for the winter months, hosting a big family Thanksgiving and getting in the HAI Holiday swing of things.

It’s pretty sad not to be able to hang out in THE Lounge at night or take those warm afternoon dips in the pool but I have learned a new fun thing to do at THE HAI; take a spa on a rainy afternoon…it really is pretty neat.

We’ve had a few HAI mishaps though in recent months. Moomba and Zack are doing their best to keep all of the neighborhood cats (who definitely don’t have HAI Membership cards) off the premises. The result however is that Moomba in her earnest to do her best cat bouncing duties has taken out a few sprinkler heads and part of the lighting system. So I’ve be come quite proficient in irrigation fixing (and have purchased the appropriate tools). Note to self: Look for less problematic sprinkler heads in the Spring. On the lighting front I’m waiting for our replacement light to arrive and then will become equally proficient in outdoor lighting ;).

On a more positive note though the plants have been growing in nicely over the past few months. They seem to be rooting well and happy in their new surroundings. Jeanne our landscaper friend gave us some advice on what to do with the tender Banana plants and citrus for the winter. So they have been happily hibernating in their burlap blankets. Too bad LL Bean or Old Navy haven’t come up with Tropical Plant Performance Fleece.

As we make our way through this holiday season we again want to thank all our friends and family for their interest, encouragement and support in the making of THE HAI this past year.

So with that we will share our 2006 Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful for THE HAI (and a few current pictures).

Happy HAI Holidays All and stay tuned for the 2007 HAI Adventure!

korey, Patty, Moomba and Zack

2006 Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful for THE HAI

10. Sipping Dog Island Iced Teas on a lawn wouldn’t have the same effect.

9. We finally have a usable deck.

8. How else could I have justified the BBQ Island ;).

7. How else could korey have justified buying a Skil-Saw to build planter boxes.

6. We would never have scored cushy pool towels without a pool.

5. It would be tough for the kids to jump off the rock into the lawn.

4. It’s a great way to get our families to come visit often :).

3. It’s a great way for a hot dog (or a hot mom) to cool off after a walk.

2. We better be thankful because we’ll be paying for all that thanks for years ;).

And the Number 1 Reason to Be Thankful…

1. It’s provided us with so many incredibly memories of our friends and family this past year!