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Builder of the Year Goes To…

korey for building two beautiful raised planter beds!!! Woo hoo!

She whipped these to two very wonderful planters out in a few hours like she’s been doing this for years. Now all I need to do is order the pineapple post tops and these babies are done and ready for planting.

And on the pool front … the pool and spa filled up during the night Friday night. Yes the alarm had to be set for a midnight wake up call to check water levels. Both were filled during the night but we had a little gotcha when I got up Saturday morning and the Spa was only half filled. The pool company knew what the issue was (valve set incorrectly) and sent a trainee out to fix it. But lets say he’s still in training because it still loses water except when the filter is running (read major utility bill).

No worries though because the pool company comes out tomorrow with the non-trainees to officially start up the equipment and I know they will figure this thing out.

Now while we are not supposed to go in the water yet, eh hem, lets just say a few toes and paws have tested the water temperature and PebbleSheen. It’s great to hang our feet in and Moomba loves the (almost) shamoo step because she can stand there, lay there or dunk her head under while getting cool. Even Roger came over for his “toe test drive”, yes, it passed.

So again this week is all about getting the pool up and running and moving the landscaping along.

So toe dip count has passed. Next up THE BIG SPLASH COUNT 3 Days Out!!!!


Water in Da Hole

Hello Pooligans,

Yes unbelievable but true the day to fill the pool has come and started. At 9:30 a.m. PDT this morning water began to flow into the big hole in the back yard.

Yesterday another Sheen got plastered (No not Charlie Sheen); pebble sheen. There were so many men in the pool at one time I thought I was mistakenly at a Tea Dance in PTown. They did a great job though plastering the pool. And they had fun doing it–there was spanish music blasting and they were singing at the top of their lungs while they themselves turned blue from plaster. It looked and sounded like the Blue Man Group in Espana Idol.

Then this morning two men arrived at the crack of dawn (can you say 6:45 a.m.) to finish the job and get the water flowing. The only gotcha was when a power sander was put into action at 7:30 a.m. and I had to kindly ask that they cease and desist until 8 a.m. because today is my neighbor’s day off. They were not thrilled with the idea of their power tool time being delayed but a Pepsi Bribe goes a long way.

So at 9:30 they finished and the water was flowing. I estimate that the filling process will take well into the evening. I’m just hopeful to have the pool and spa filled before bed time so I don’t need to keep checking throughout the night.

Monday a.m. the pool equipment gets turned on officially and the water purification process begins.

The landscapers have been put on hold until Tuesday so the plaster can begin to cure in the pool (can’t risk any debris getting in; or dogs for that matter). But things on the landscape front go into high gear next week with irrigation finishing, sod going in and plants starting to be put in place.

Actually the cool part is that plants have been arriving every day (Green bananas, Red bananas, Black bamboo, an Angel Trumpet and a big Philodendron). It’s very fun to see and most definitely Korey’s favorite part.

This weekend we hope to go buy some more planters and continue the back yard fix up and clean up.

I’ll post the completely filled pool and spa pictures tomorrow!

Thanks for all the love and support!


Splash Count LESS THAN A WEEK!

Preparation "H"

“H” for Hastings Hai that is ;).

Just wanted to give you pooligans a quick update that we passed pre-plaster inspection and the pool itself has been prepped for plastering tomorrow.

Yes it’s true that plaster will grace our grateful pool walls tomorrow and Friday and water will start a fillin that darn hole on Friday.

Monday is the official pool start up day and the Hastings Ave. water purification process begins.

A few things happen during the week next week, but my main dude Gary at the pool company says things are looking ok for swimming by the end of next week (I bet you are hearing an angel choir singing HALLELUJAH as you read this sentence ;)).

Oh and things are moving again on the landscaping front with plants arriving, irrigation going in and a big ol semi will arrive with top soil on Tuesday. Amazing how things speed up when you say your brother Big Frankie from NY and the relatives will be arriving and expect everything done. God bless the stereotype we now have because of the Soprano’s ;). Agita…forgetta bout it!

Okay back to check on the many many workers roaming the back yard and garage right now.

Sorry no pictures today!

Splash Count…..8 Days!!!!!

P.S. Today is LifeDog Zack’s 12th Birthday. So Big Aloha From Bday Dog Central!

Mr. Slate Calls it a Day in Bedrock

Aloha Pool Posse,

With the end of this week came the end of our hardscaping project. Cement is dry, Conneticut Blue Stones are in place and boulders were delivered (yes Kelly, the jumping off one is situated in a safe part of the pool).

It really looks great and was totally worth the money (gulp)! And no we didn’t get a discount because I was born in Greenwich, spent way too many hours in a Greenwich night club in my youth or new Ashley Ransom…the Conneticut connection doesn’t get you that far these days I guess.

Also this week the pool fixtures were put in. Those were things like the cleaning heads for the infloor cleaning system, the diddly bob where the water goes into and the whata ya ma callit spa jets. Yes I’ve learned many many pool and construction terms during this project.

So when can we swim in the damn thing you may ask (and yes I know some of you have).

Monday morning is our most important inspection yet. It’s our pre-plaster inspection which is a biggie and the final gateway to the big splash. So wish us luck and send us good thoughts.

Assuming Monday goes well then we are scheduled for plaster Thursday and Friday. This is it once the plaster is in the pool gets filled (about #$@$@ time ;).

After that the pool cleaning company comes out and starts to work the chemical magic and the pool company comes back to show us how to work all the equipment.

That’s it! I say with complete caution and a little queesy feeling.

So I think right now the chances of my nephew Kevin being the first to swim in the pool when he arrives on the 3rd are 50/50 but hey I’ve had worse odds in Atlantic City, Vegas, Foxwoods and River Rock so who’s to know.

Meanwhile the only thing that is really giving us agita right now is the darn landscaping. We can’t get our landscape designer to give us our final quotes and tell us when the landscape crew are coming out to put in the irrigation system. I’m so pissed I’m heading over to our local nursery today to ask for recommendations of irrigation and lighting crews.

So my dear brother Francis, you will be able to swim when you arrive, there will not be debris everywhere but you may need to visualize a few plants ;).

So all in all, we are seeing progress as slow as it is, we are enduring another heat wave without swimming but we know the payoff in the end will be worth it.

Splash count soon!!!

Pave the Way

Hello Party Pool People,

So this week didn’t go quite as expeditiously as we had hoped. We had a little snafu with Inspector Gadget who didn’t come out to inspect the patio framing until. Wed. Then there was a bit of drama because he took our entire permit packet with him, and he had questions and blah blah blah.

By end of Wed. though the inspection was approved and the permit packet was back in it’s proper place. Whew…agita is my middle name with this project.

Today was a big day though because they poured all the cement for our patios and walkways. So now I have three days ahead of watering the concrete in 90 degree weather. What a girl won’t do for a pool.

So with the Inspector Gadget delay it appears we may be impacting a few other pool project’s schedules so the Pool Company is very motivated to finish us up.

So here’s what’s on deck (pardon the pun):
1. Pool equiment and fixtures will go in Monday or Tuesday
2. The Rock steps and pathway to the Spa, retaining wall and boulders will be done this week. So by the end of the week hardscaping should be checked off our list.
3. Installation of the irrigation system can start.
4. The pool should get plastered and if it doesn’t I think Korey and I might instead!

So it scares me to even write this but Splash Count 2 weeks!

We’ve Been Framed

Hello Party Pool People,

So while I was chowing down Chowda in Boston, korey (yes she’s back to using the little ‘k”) was filling in as General Bali Hai Contractor for the week. And may I say she did a most excellent job as our framing is 99.9% complete (just one change needs to be made).

The framing looks very good and creates a slight seperation between the pool deck and the patio deck. The only change to be made is that we have removed a planter box (from 3 down to 2) to create more space for socializing and our patio table. Don’t worry though Gumbas I still have two planters to fill up with some tomatos, hot peppers, basil and the like. Fresh gravy (tomato sauce for you gringos) and coonsetive (something too hot for most of you to eat) are definitely in the equation for next summer.

I should also mention that the rock wall face is also complete. It’s not totally what we had hoped for but we think they did a nice job.

So next up…

  • Today or Monday: Inspector Gadget pays us another visit.
  • Early next week: Rock steps and walkway and concrete is put in place
  • After that: Pool equipment, lighting and fixtures are installed

So if all goes well (again IF the operative word) we could be filling the pool in 10 days to 2 weeks.

Oh and also by popular demand (and input) the new poll is up to the right…Pick Your Favorite Pool Toys :).

Splash Count This Month!

Ts and Cs of Pool Construction

Tile and Coping that is 😉

Yes we’ve had our tile and coping installed this week. Not to mention that Dog Xtreme games need to move on because our trenches our no more.

So it’s been a pretty busy week at Ol Bali Hastings Hai that have gained lots o smiles.

While the Bali Hai Posse will be travelling to Da Ranch this weekend, work will continue as Monday should mark the start of the rock face and the framing for the walkways. We are leaving the Bali Buckhouts in charge of things so things should go well and on schedule ;).

One other accomplishment this week of note is the pool alarm has been ordered. Saftey First is the Motto at Bali Hastings Hai. And who better to define safety for mammals under 9 lbs than the Marshall herself, Deputy Kelly Dog. Yes The Dog found a wireless alarm system that will blast us (and the neighbors) whenever Zack, Jack, or a Racoon Hack tries to enter the pool. And the Marshall has also offered to check the battery on occasion, in her own words and definitely not mine “This is a test, this is only a test…”. All will be safe and loud at the Bali Hai Pool :O.

On a more mellow note…

You may ask how have we been enjoying the Bali Hai Lounge. IMMENSELY would be the answer Bob! We spend so much time in it, it’s crazy. Before dinner, after dinner even a few work moments have taken major strides there. It’s our most favorite place in the world right now. There are cocktails for all moods and climate moments as my Brother El Lymo prepares to rehabilitate in the Lounge in Late August.

Ok gang Aloha and enjoy the 4th of July Weekend (we’ll keep our fingers crossed the next long weekend is at Bali Hastings Hai)!

The Bali Hai Lounge is Open for Business

Hello Bali Haiigans,

We couldn’t resist and spent a good chunk of Saturday setting up the Bali Hai Lounge on the deck. The assembly part was actually pretty easy but getting the roof on the structure was the tricky part (thank god for good neck and shoulder muscles).

But after a little sweat and grumbles we were pleased to have our Mai Tiki Gazebo assembled and in place on the new deck. We then started the decorating process (of course).

The furniture was brought out from hiding, plants were moved around and a quick little shopping spree to Cost Plus were all in order.

You will notice in the picture that plastic is still on some of the furniture. This is not because we are channeling little old ladies from circa 1950 but because we wanted to minimize dirt and dust during the rest of the work that still needs to take place in the yard.

Sunday morning coffee and newspaper reading and Sunday evening cocktail hour all occured without a hitch in the new lounge so things are looking up for this landscape redesign.

Now if only we had a pool to swim in, no more trenches and some landscaping and all would be good in the world.

No word on the tile start so stay tuned…

Splash Count 2-3 weeks (I hope)!

Deck the Hai with Bows of Hibiscus…

Aloha Blog Friends and Family,

I’m excited to say the first part of our project is complete…the deck remodel is done!!!

And it happened in the nick of time for our heat wave. We enjoyed having an after dinner drink last night on the deck looking out over our pool trenches and away towards the East Bay hills. It was wonderful.

Moomba is loving the new design as well because she can get to her ball much faster when we throw it by leaping from the third step down. Though I have heard a voice from heaven and it was my Mom’s saying “It’s a good thing I’m not alive how the heck would an old lady get down those stairs without a railing, you are just like your brother.” Of course I replied to the heavenly voice with “you’re right” so all is good with the universe … whew a spiritual slap on the side of the head was averted!

We hope to start setting up the Bali Hai Lounge on the deck this weekend if we can tolerate the heat.

Now back to the pool.

We have been watering the hole all week religiously (too bad it isn’t a watering hole that gives back to the proprietors). The electricians came out today to light up our lives and did the rough electrical. And I picked out the location for the pool control pad.

Note to future house guests (yes Tulloch’s from Pomona, SoCal Tullochs/Anderson/Bonafante Clan and Kevin that means you): The Pool/Spa control panel does not allow you to catch Mario, win John Madden Football or out surf Kelly Slater. It’s not a video game and I will show you how to use it.

So what’s up for next week (a lot we hope):

Monday: Tiling should (operative word should) be done.

Wed: Hardscaping starts and will continue for about 4-5 days. What’s hardscaping you may ask… It includes coping (no not with the heat) which goes around the pool ; that’s the stone edge of the pool. Also included is the stone steps and pathway that leads to the spa, the rock waterfall, spot rocks and cement for other areas like the patio.

So lots ahead but we are getting close to the final stretch :).

Splash count 2-3 weeks

Gunite and Good Luck

Yo Yo Party Pool People,

Today was a big day with the spraying of gunite. At 6 a.m. I was jolted awake by a very large truck pulling up in front of the house.

Over the next 30 mins two more large and noisy trucks (we are now #1 enemy on our neighbors list) arrived and gunite spraying started at 7 a.m.

Let me just describe the process as LOUD AND STINKY!

By 11 a.m. the noise had subsided and the gunite trucks rolled on to their next household.

It’s amazing though how just by putting gunite on the walls it now looks like a pool

So the next week involves “curing” our gunite (no it’s not some nasty foot disease) three times a day. While this is happening the “electro magicians” will come out and lay wires. Once that’s done we get a visit from Inspector Gadget again and then we can fill in those darn trenches.

Oh and I should mention while gunite was a going our deck guys have been working away as well and it’s looking pretty darn good.

So things are moving pretty quickly and I’m really getting antsy for a swim :).

Splash count 4-6 weeks!

Happy Friday!